Commercial Legal Expense

Who Does The Plan Cover?

Commercial Legal Expense Insurance (CLEI) is specifically designed for small-to-medium sized companies with annual gross sales or receipts of under $10,000,000. CLEI is a unique product aimed at companies that have neither legal advisors on staff, nor wish to pay costly retainer fees. 


  • Commercial Legal Expense
  • Legal Coverage
  • Legal Expense Insurance
  • Contract Disputes Insurance
  • Employment Disputes Insurance
  • Criminal Prosecution Insurance
  • Property Dispute Insurance
  • Personal Injury Insurance
  • Telephone Legal Advice

Summary of Coverages

CLEI covers legal fees arising from five areas not covered by either Commercial General Liability Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance:

  1. Contract Disputes - Pursuit or defense of contractual disputes relating to the sale, purchase, lease or rental of goods (excludes rights or interests in real property) or the provision of services (e.g. disputes with customers/suppliers, defense against claims of poor workmanship).
  2. Employment Disputes - The defense of any action following a dispute with an employee or ex-employee which arises out of or relates to his/her contract of employment (e.g. defense against wrongful dismissal charges, discrimination).
  3. Criminal Prosecution - Defense of criminal or statutory proceedings including prosecutions under the Criminal Code (Canada), Occupational Health and Safety Act, Business Practices Act and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Services Act.
  4. Property Disputes - Pursuit or defense of disputes relating to the possession of freehold or leasehold property including nuisance or damage to your property by a third party (e.g. landlord and tenant disputes, nuisance and trespass). Note that property under this coverage means real property only.
  5. Personal Injury - Pursuit of claims for compensation relating to death or bodily injury sustained away from the workplace but while engaged in business activities. This coverage extends to any employee acting within the scope of their employment.

Telephone Legal Advice

  • For further peace of mind, CLEI also provides insureds with access to a toll-free Telephone Legal Advisory service. This service provides unlimited access to a lawyer for immediate advice on any business matter.
    If the right steps are taken at the beginning, problems can often be resolved quickly or a suitable compromise reached, thus avoiding costly settlements or long, drawn-out court cases that can take your clients away from running their business.

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