Contaminated Products

Food contamination, whether accidental or malicious, can have a devastating effect on a company's reputation and bottom line. Totten Insurance Group can provide several coverage solutions within a variety of markets designed to protect your insured's interests. We offer protection to companies throughout the entire food commerce chain, including processors, distributors and retailers. Our markets work with clients to both mitigate and respond preemptively to food contamination and tampering incidents or threats.

Accidental contamination and malicious product tampering incidents are becoming more prevalent in the food industry. Companies are learning that it is no longer an issue of if but when they will run into a food-related problem.

Product Highlights 

Coverage Includes:

  • Recall Costs
  • Business Interruption (Lost Net Profit or Lost Gross Profit Available)
  • Rehabilitation Costs (Sub-limit May Be Applicable)
  • Consultation Costs
  • Highly-Professional Claims Service


  • Accidental Contamination - $10,000,000
  • Malicious Tampering - $50,000,000

Underwriting Considerations

  • Revenue of the Insured
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Packaging
  • Product Type
  • Crisis Management/Recall Plans
  • Geographic Markets

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