Cross-Border Underwriting

Canadian Brokers

Is your client expanding into the United States and/or the global marketplace?

Does your new prospect presently do business across borders or globally?


Totten Insurance Group's Cross-Border Underwriting Services is a unit with the casualty division that can provide Independent Insurance Brokers of Canada the ability to arrange insurance and service clients that have cross-border exposures.

Our staff specializes in a unique segment of commercial business including the following types of coverage:

  • Products Liability
  • International Property Risks
  • CGL with Worldwide Territory (Available where applicable)


  • ACE-INA Insurance
  • Berkley Canada Inc.
  • Catlin Canada
  • Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
  • CNA Canada
  • Liberty International Underwriters
  • Lloyd's
  • Sovereign General Insurance Company
  • Travelers Canada
  • XL Insurance
  • Zurich Insurance Company of Canada

US Brokers & Agents

Countersignature services when Canadian locations are added to US-issued master policies.

Infrastructure is available to bill a client's Canadian office so they avoid having to pay excise taxes in Canada, which may be up to 60% of the premium.

Provincial taxes and certificates of insurance handled by our licensed, local offices.

Exposures for Canadian clients in foreign countries, particularly the US.

These facilities allow your office to provide full service and protection to clients, no matter where the risk is located, as well as prevent competitors from writing portions of your accounts. In this way, you provide proper protection for the business your client conducts in foreign markets, with major insurance carriers licensed and regulated in these territories.

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