Sexual Misconduct & Molestation Coverage

Totten Insurance Group has developed Sexual Misconduct & Molestation coverage to address the financial and reputational damage that such allegations create. The policy offers the following features:

  • Coverage for executive officers, directors, trustees, employees, coaches, counsellors, clergy and volunteers
  • Coverage includes negligent hiring, employment, investigation, supervision, training or retention of, or failure to report to proper authorities employees who commit acts of sexual misconduct or molestation
  • Coverage for insured events occurring anywhere in the world
  • Duty to defend policy

Additional key benefits include:

  • Early loss mitigation by leading experts in the field, assisting from the first day of notice of a claim
  • Tailored risk management to suit the specific requirements of each policyholder
  • Access to our network of expert counsel available for the handling of all claims

Furthermore, insureds are entitled to free access to a web-based risk management tool offering:

  • Employee and volunteer training on preventing and reporting sexual misconduct and molestation
  • Articles and databases on a wide variety of sexual misconduct and molestation issues
  • Best practices advice provided by our expert counsel

Tailored Coverage Available For:

  • Religious institutions/organisations including churches, parishes and archdioceses
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare organisations
  • Social services
  • Leisure services including camps, recreation centres and outdoor activity companies


Coverage up to $5,000,000 is available as a primary or excess placement. Tail policies are also considered.

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