Hard-to-Place Property/Liability

The Totten Insurance Group will work with you to tailor solutions for hard-to-place property and liability risks. 

Risks that are hard to place due to physical hazards, claims experience, location or occupancy are usually unacceptable to the standard markets.

Examples of hard-to-place risks include

  • Vacant properties
  • Older rented dwellings
  • Rooming houses
  • Unlicensed restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Unprotected risks
  • Claims history
  • Mortgagee's interest
  • Risks with a moral hazard

The Totten Insurance Group offers the following coverage & limits:

  • Minimum deductible - $1,000
  • Named perils or broad form
  • Property binding limit - $10,000,000 (in house)
  • Replacement cost or actual cash value available
  • Restrictive endorsements may apply
  • Subject to fully-completed application
  • Photos on all properties

For new submissions please contact us toll-free at 1-888-868-8367, or email triage@tottengroup.com.