Kidnap and Ransom

A kidnap for ransom or security incident poses a significant threat to any organization or family. Our Kidnap for Ransom insurance policies deliver world class crisis and security teams and financial protection in order to assess, mitigate and recover from critical security threats. Coverage can include protection against the following threats:

  • Kidnap for ransom
  • Extortion and product extortion
  • Assault
  • Threats
  • Disappearance
  • Hostage crisis
  • Child abduction
  • Express kidnap
  • Virtual kidnap
  • Political kidnapping/detention
  • Political evacuation

Financial protection

Reimbursement of a wide range of fees incurred during the incident, including:

  • Ransom costs – as a business or high net worth individual, payment of a ransom can have a significant impact.
  • Additional expenses - the policy will also meet other related expenses such as salaries of a kidnapped employee, travel, accommodation and medical costs including psychiatric care.
  • Public relations support – to help manage and minimize any reputational damage to the business.
  • Post-incident analysis and debriefing to help understand why the incident happened and how to prevent a future problem.