Hospitality/Liquor Liability

Our highly popular Hospitality/Liquor Liability insurance plan is one of Canada's leading programs for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and adult entertainment establishments. Our package program exclusively offers Commercial Legal Expense and Limited Restaurant Recovery at no additional cost.

Our package policy designed for Hospitality/Liquor Liability covers:

  • Bars/Pubs
  • Licensed Restaurants/Fine Dining
  • Dance/Night Clubs/Cabarets
  • Jazz Clubs
  • Liquor Sales up to 100%
  • Pool Halls
  • Private Clubs/Social Clubs/Legions
  • Roadhouse/Taverns
  • Stand Alone Liquor Stores
  • Adult Entertainment Venues

Product Highlights

  • Specifically designed for the hospitality  industry, where larger receipts are generated for both liquor and food
  • Ability to write risks with up to 100% liquor
  • Designed to accommodate most classes of hospitality risks
  • Ability to write small to large accounts
  • Highly professional claims service
  • Policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage
  • Forcible ejection coverage is included up to policy limits
  • Risk management services
  • All accounts written are subject to an inspection and completion of all inspection recommendations within 60 days
  • Legal expense coverage at no additional cost

Coverage & Limits

  • In-house up to $10Mmm in property
  • $5mm CGL available
  • $10mm can be quoted within 48 hours


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