Restaurant Recovery

Accidental contamination and malicious tampering of food products in the restaurant industry lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue, impacting individual restaurants as well as franchisees trading under the same name as the restaurant location where the contamination incident occurred.

The policy offers business interruption coverage back to pre-incident sales, and also covers brand name rehabilitation costs. Numerous other additional expenses are covered, including:

  • Recall costs
  • Incident expenses
  • Crisis management advice

Coverage is available to restaurants of any size, including single or multi-location enterprises and individual groups of franchisees.

Incidents Covered 

  • Accidental contamination or any publicity in connection with contamination
  • Malicious tampering
  • Product extortion
  • Adverse publicity and baseless adverse publicity at selected sub-limits
  • Sub-limit of $150,000 for all our restaurant and pub quotes

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