Totten Insurance Group offers access to Equine Underwriters for most equine-related operations, including:

  • Horse Owners
  • Equestrian Centres
  • Horse Trainers
  • Riding Instructors
  • Horse Breeders
  • Horse Clubs
  • Tour Guides
  • Dude Ranches
  • Farrier
  • Many Other Equestrian-Type Risks

Commercial General Liability

  • Provides coverage if you are sued by a third party who is injured, or whose property is damaged up to the policy limits. The policy also covers defense costs and pays claims for which you are legally liable.
  • $1 million or $2 million limits available (may apply for higher limits)

Care, Custody & Control for Non-owned Animals

  • Provides coverage for a physical loss, injury or damage causing death of a non-owned animal in the insured's care.

Limits Available

  • $5,000 per animal/$25,000 per occurrence
  • $10,000 per animal/$50,000 per occurrence
  • $20,000 per animal/$100,000 per occurrence
  • $50,000 per animal/$100,000 per occurrence
  • $100,000 per animal/$100,000 per occurrence

Tenant Legal Liability

  • $300,000 limits included

Medical Payments (Excluding Participants)

  • Included $25,000 per occurrence

Equestrian Participants Accident Protection

  • This protection can be purchased to provide medical payments, dental reimbursement and specific loss indemnity for participants.
  • This valuable protection includes riders, drivers and participants. It is not a legal liability protection but an accident indemnity, so these benefits are available on a "no-fault" basis.
  • Base limits include: $10,000 loss of life, dismemberment, $20,000 loss of sight, paralysis, $7,500 accident expense reimbursement, $5,000 dental reimbursement due to accident.
  • Increased limit of $100,000 for loss of life, dismemberment and $100,000 loss of sight, paralysis also available.

Non-Profit Society Errors & Omissions LiabilityExtension

  • $250,000 or $500,000 limits available.

Veterinarian Liability

Veterinarians working with horses and large animals possess special insurance needs.

Animal Mortality

Owners have a lot invested in their animals. Our mortality policy offers protection for owners interested in insuring their animals against sickness and death.

Full Mortality Coverage

  • Surgical/Major Medical Extension
  • Death Claim Veterinary Reimbursement Clause
  • Limited Theft
  • 12 Month Extension Endorsement
  • Commercial Liability

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