Bill 124 Compliance

On January 1, 2006, the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing legislated a mandatory requirement that any design or drafting services provided to the Ontario residential housing industry must be performed by registered members of the Ontario Ministry. These members must carry Professional Liability (E&O) insurance. The Ministry of Ontario stipulates a requirement of certain level of limits, depending on the amount of design/drafting revenues earned.

At Totten Insurance Group, we established a policy form designed to comply with the legislated requirements, and have effectively insured this class of business since 2006:

  • Claims made policy form
  • Limits of liability: $2mm capacity
  • Maximum deductible restriction will apply, as required by Ontario Bill 124 regulations
  • Minimum limits of liability provision will apply, as required by  Ontario Bill 124 regulations
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of professional clients in Ontario
  • Defense costs are outside of the specified limit of liability for each claim, and are capped at 25% of the specified limit
  • Liability for each claim for limits less than $2mm
  • Excluding asbestos, toxic mold and fungus
  • War & terrorism exclusion
  • Retroactive date: Inception (unless proof is provided of prior continuous coverage)
  • Tw- year extended reporting period
  • Water ingress exclusion

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