Nurserymen’s E&O

Nurserymen's Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage has recently been established to meet the specific insurance needs of those involved in the nursery stock trade.

Nurserymen's E&O coverage should be combined with Products Liability coverage as they are entirely unique coverages that complement each other.

Nurserymen's E&O coverage covers claims against the Nurserymen which may result from failure of the nursery stock sold to conform to the variety or other specified qualities, or to be suitable for the purpose specified, resulting from any error, negligent act or omission by the company or its employees.

Products liability covers bodily injury and property damage, both of which are excluded by the Nurserymen's E&O coverage.

Sometimes a products liability policy is enhanced to cover misdelivery, however that is not an adequate substitute for Nurserymen's E&O coverage. Everyone who is involved in growing, treating, or distributing nursery stock should purchase Nurseryman's E&O coverage.

At any stage of the nursery business mistakes can occur in the selection, treating, packaging or testing of the stock, which can cause or contribute to the loss in whole, or in part, of the customer's crop. Products liability covers bodily injury and property damage,  both of which are excluded by Nurserymen's E&O coverage.

The five main categories of claims for Nurserymen's E&O coverage include:

  • Mechanical Error
  • Overzealous Distribution
  • Disease Control Problems
  • Misapplication
  • Miscellaneous Problems.


  • Liability limits up to $2,000,000
  • Additional capacity to $10,000,000 for larger risks
  • Minimum deductible - $2,500
  • Nursery stock is defined as trees, rootstocks, stems, seedlings, cuttings, grafts and scion wood used for tree propagation
  • Worldwide sales

A fully completed application is required for quotation.

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