Violent Attack Lite

From workplace violence and knife attacks to shootings and vehicle ramming, the security threat continues to evolve. Now more than ever, businesses are concerned about the likelihood of lone-wolf attacks occurring. Totten's Violent Attack Lite for the Hospitality industry has been designed with small businesses in mind, going beyond traditional insurance coverage to provide proactive and innovative solutions to our clients.


  • $150 for $100,000 Limit for any Hospitality account with revenue of up to $2.5 million. Additional options of $250,000 for $275 are available.
  • Psychiatric and counselling costs ($25,000)
  • Medical expenses ($25,000)
  • Crisis management expenses ($10,000)
  • Prevention of entering or leaving an insured location (up to ten days loss of income per occurrence)
  • Prevention of entering or leaving an insured location by civil or military authority (up to ten days loss of income per occurrence)
  • The product can be sold as standalone or add on


  • Loss of attraction because of an event within a 500-metre radius
  • Funds made available to access public relations services
  • Counselling costs
  • Market-leading claims team
  • Explicit policy wording that clearly defines the trigger for coverage
  • Broad spectrum of attacks covered – both motivation and choice of weapon


  • Cover responds to protect you and your staff when an attack occurs at your premises or a third-party location
  • Costs for crisis communications and media relations to protect a client’s brand and reputation
  • Costs to provide affected persons with psychiatric and therapy sessions in the aftermath of an attack
  • Unparalleled service
  • Transparent and simple wording with no ambiguity
  • Most comprehensive cover available in the insurance market

Policy highlights

  • Physical damage
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of attraction
  • Liability
  • Brandishing of a weapon
  • Crisis management
  • Additional security measures
  • Counselling
  • Miscellaneous other costs

For new submissions, please contact Hospitality Manager, Zena Nucifora at, 647-826-1448 or toll free 1-888-868-8367.